spyro_prime (spyro_prime) wrote in simply_prayers,

Hello Everyone!

This is my first post to this comunity and I am not sure if you allow such a thing as an introduction to a new community: Life of Saints

If you do not allow such posts I apologize in advance and do not hesitate to delete this.

I would like to cordially invite anyone who may be interested in posting in this new community as well which is based on the Lives of Saints. Please feel free to share your favorite Saint, your patron Saint, your name given Saint name - if you have one - feel free to tell your friends; I am really looking forward to learning about every one's Saints. I am very open to your suggestions in the creation of this community. I also believe that it is important to remember, relate and learn about the lives of such ex·em·pla·ry people and their lives.

Bright Blessings

"God, be merciful to me, a sinner" (Luke 18:14).
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